Advantages of Vaporizers

A vaporizer is a device which works on vaporization process to produce vapors that are active chemicals present in plant extract or herbs. Visible suspension of particles in air is just like mist and this mist is called the vapors. Those who don't want to smoke or worried with the harmful effects of smoking, vaporizing is an alternative for them. As it is well known that by burning the herb or any plant lacking a permanent woody stem, lots of harmful products are produced but a vaporizer just heats the substance to produce vapors and not smoke. A vaporizer purifies the plant material and this process is known as sublimation. In this process a solid converts into gases without passing to the liquid state. The solid that is the herb or tobacco which is placed in side the vaporizer is converted into vapors without converting into liquid after heating process. The carbon monoxide content in the vapor is very less, so it is less harmful when inhaled as compared to cigarettes or pipes and causes less damage to lungs and other body parts. A water pipe can be used for filtering and cooling the vapors. Ice can be used as the substitute of the water pipe to bring down the temperature of the vapors. The vapors can be stored in a small thin inflatable rubber bag with narrow neck for later inhalations.

As compared to cigarette and other tobacco products vaporizers are very less harmful because water and other filters are used for cooling and purifying the vapors. Thus vaporizers can be used in place where smoking products and smoking itself is banned like in the public places as it has least harm on the passive smokers like children and old people. Vaporizers are available in many types. All works for the same cause but the basic difference is the method by which they heat the plant material and turns into vapors. The main two methods of turning the material into vapors are by conduction and by convection. The conduction heating vaporizers uses the basic principle of direct heating the substance. In this method the plant material or herb is placed on the metallic element which is then fired up. The heating of metal increases its temperature thus the substance starts burning and produces vapors. And these vapors are later on consumed in different ways. The second type of vaporizers uses convection heating. The basic principle is transfer of heat through a fluid (liquid or gas) caused by molecular motion. It is indirect heating that is the medium in between metal and the substance to produce vapors that are later on consumed in different ways. The basic difference between both the types is the method of heating one is using direct heating and another indirect.

Article Source: Advantages of Vaporizers

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