Americans: Learn Which Online Casino to Pick

Online gaming received a serious blow when the American Federal government passed the Ports Law banning any financial institution from sending or receiving money to and from any company that is related to online betting. But, as expected, only scared away the big companies such as PlayTech. Smaller ones either kept on operating or opened new companies with new names. Here is a list of some of bigger names still accepting players from the USA.

Most of these casinos were new ventures belonging to trusted and respectable casino networks with the difference being that these new ventures were still accepting players from the United States.

By creating new names, these casinos are able to bypass the gambling law, and you can even use your Visa or MasterCard to play. Other than these, there are some online payment options such as MoneyBrokers and Neteller through which you can deposit and eventually withdraw money from your casino account.

What Does It Matter to Me?
If you are one of those who likes to be told where and how to spend your money then this ban will not bother you at all. But if you feel that your money is yours and that no government can tell you what to do with it then this law is a travesty. When it comes to legal advice, no one will tell you to go online and play at an online casino. But what about us? What about we that like it? Every prohibition caused black markets to prosper. So too this one. But, there are still quite a few online casinos that are backed by safe game entities that are trustworthy.

List of Online Casinos Where Players from America Can Play
1) ClubUSA Casino is backed by Real Time Gaming, one of the oldest gambling companies in the business. If you are from the States and want to play at this online casino you will have to use Wire Card to transfer cash from and to your account. In addition, for every dollar you add they will do the same and add it to your account. This goes on until you reach 750 dollars.

2) Roxy Palace uses software developed and managed by the reliable software company, MicroGaming. Specific intrinsic details have been graphically enhanced and particular casino sounds have been added. This ensures your online experience is as similar to going to a land casino as is virtually possible. Their customer service is fast and friendly as well.

3) Golden Casino:
Hands out a voluptuous 555 dollars to every new player and also offers new casino games that you will not be able to find in other such game entities. I have even heard rumours that Golden Palace is behind this venture, but I cannot confirm this. The games offered are also quick running and the download of the software from this online casino is super fast.

4) By encrypting their casino software with a newly fortified 128 byte security system, Crystal Palace is the online casino to play at if you are from American and want to guarantee a secure playing environment. Another advantage of picking this casino to play at is that all the different transactions that are conducted between you and them will show up on your credit slips as between you and an entity called Crystalisle Management, thus safeguarding you and your cash.

5) Royal Vegas Casino:
As a member of the Fortune Lounge and part of the Fortune Affiliate group, a widely and well-established affiliate company, this casino not only uses MicroGaming software but MicroGaming assists them in the day-to-day running too. This guarantees that all transactions are securely encrypted and taken care off.

Although one can find quite a few online casinos that still cater to the American crowd, and although I have listed but five of these, do not understand that I am recommending these in any way. While trust and professionalism is subjective, I recommend you think very carefully if you want to risk going against federal statue and break federal law.

Article Source: Americans: Learn Which Online Casino to Pick

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