Simple Meditation Techniques Take Your Life To The Next Level

For many years, I was always curious about meditation. It seemed to me to be linked in some perplexed way, to somewhere I was a little scared to go. I don't know if this was because of something I had read or heard, or just fear of the unknown.

My first taste was when I was introduced to Yoga - what a fabulous 'Haven' for exercise, relaxation, stress relief, balance and vigor this has been for me. Both meditation and Yoga)

Meditation is easy to learn and can be an important component to improving your mind and body. One of the 15 minute tools from The 15 Minute Life Coach series for women, is this 15 minute exercise to revitalize your mind and body:

The first step to practicing basic meditation is learning to breathe to aid a state of calmness and awareness. Try this 15 minute exercise to revitalize your mind and body:

* Find yourself a favorite, quiet place where you won't be disturbed and practice the following exercise for 15 minutes each day. Sometimes, if I can't find the quiet at home and am going to be out in the car on my own, I park somewhere quiet and meditate in the car - this works really well for me.

* Begin in a comfortable position lying on your back or sitting either on the floor or in a seat. If you're sitting, (and that is preferable as there is a tendency to fall asleep if you are lying down) keep the spine straight and let your shoulders really relax.

* Gently close your eyes focus your attention on your belly, feeling it rise gently on the in-breath and fall on the out-breath.

* Concentrate on your breathing, 'being with' each in-breath. (You will know what I mean when you try this)

* Every time you notice that your mind has wandered, notice what it was that took you away and then gently bring your attention back to your breath and the feeling of it as it goes in and out.

* If your mind wanders away from your breath, then try to bring it back to the breath, no matter what it has become preoccupied with. If thoughts pop into your head just notice them but don't 'buy into' these thoughts - just let them go. You can imagine each thought as a balloon filled with hot air and then let the balloon (or thought) go and watch as it floats away.

Practice this exercise for 15 minutes at a convenient time every day, for one week - and see how it feels to incorporate this meditation into your life. Be aware of how it feels to spend time each day just being with yourself, being 'in the moment' without having to do or think about anything.

The benefits of meditation are huge to your physical and mental well-being. These benefits include clarity of mind, increase in concentration and self confidence, decrease in stress and anxiety - it will energize your body and your mind.

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