These are some general SMS messages which can be used for all occasion suitable for bulk SMS messaging during festivals, MMS Messaging, Text Messaging

1.! Know u love her, it's not a secret any more . She's pretty, she's hot , she's so rich and cultured. But she is into her 50's. She is India's independence!! Celebrate independence day.

....this is my India, risen mere dill lea.. hammer Jana used kurgan, say- Long Live Hindustan!

3.Dear sister, you kept a garden, A garden of heart. U planted all the good things that gave my life it's start. Happy Rakhshabandhan.

4.I would love to be a prisoner... ... ... Prisoner of our love.. tie my hand with handcuffs of ur love.

5.Dear brother, We shared troubles, we shared jealousy, We shared joys, we shared legacy, I know u are too far ...but come on... still we share a special bond! Wishes on Rakshabandhan.

6.For all the time you have helped,
And all the things u sacrificed,
For all the tears u dried,
And all the truths u hide,
Without even a 'thanks' for me to grow well,
Now on this day of Rake,
All I went to tell- Thank you and I Love U.

7.In the world where all teachers became Cheaters you have become my Guardian and not the guard. You have become my torch and not the torture, you have become my Inspiration and not irritation. Happy Teachers Day.

8.Dear teacher, not all boys grow up to be gentleman...but I am among the privileged few who will... due to a teacher like you.

9.In the world where all teachers became Cheaters u have become my guardian and not the guard. U have become my torch and not the torture, u have become my inspiration and not irritation. Happy Teachers Day.

10.Come near O 'Samaria' don't touch my 'Chunariya' but be my 'Rangrasiya' let's play 'Disco Dandiya'.

11. I wane to be in ur arms to be lost in ur charms I wane hold ur hand to dance with band forget all fight and enjoy tonight! Body , Soul to soul, let's play dandiya, Bajata Doll!!

12.When u dance with dandiya beat U take away my heartbeat four, it's navaratri for me, it's 'Lavatory'!

13.Plz open this after 2 days...........................
just as I thought u cannot wait!!
Oh, go ahead...
Wish u Happy Diwali.
Remember I greeted u first!

14.May Ur happiness as big as Ganesh ji's ears, May ur problem as small as his mouse, May Ur life as long as his tongue & Ur his moment as sweet as his ladoo 'Happy Diwali'

15.Yeh Kaman hay hammer! Apace our apache prewar co deepawali ki hardik shubah kaamnaayein.

16.Troubles, as light as air; love , as deep as the ocean; friends, ass solid as diamonds, success , as bright as gold; these are my wishes for u on this Dewily!!


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