The Visitor And The Web Master

A website is a short-term investment for a long-term goal. Hence the web design, web site content writing, keywords, navigability, user-friendliness, product and company information, newsletters, contact information, etc must be equally visible to the visitor. Hence, the web design and navigability should reflect the true hallmarks of a company and must behave like a mirror. These must be the starting points of a website. Infact the user webmaster must consider them before starting the website.

The main questions that a best web designer considers before the commencement of a website are:

1. How does this benefit the visitor?

He must retrospect in advance if the idea in his mind is parallel with the visitors needs. Am I offering, what the visitor is looking for? Will it be able to hook the visitor to the website and not drift him away? Have I considered all the needs of the visitor? Thus, the designerís job is to think off all this in advance.

2. How does benefit the organisation or me?

A designer must think in advance abut the benefits the organisation is going to get through the website. He must then proceed with the most beneficial idea.

Conflicts in a Web Designerís Mind

- The organization is trying to achieve something by bringing visitors to their website.

- The visitors to a website are trying to accomplish something by logging on to the organizationís website.

The perfect website satisfies the desires of both the parties: user gets what they are looking for; website owner gets what they want. This will ensure that both the parties are happy. However, if the needs of the customersí are not met with you may see your revenues going down. They will not visit your site again and your needs too will be overlooked thereby. Therefore, when creating a website, you must deem what you want to get and what can you give to people in order to get them to patronize you business and help them use your website in the manner you want them to. Your goals are straightforward: get many people to the web site as repeatedly as possible and for a extensive duration as likely.


If you are using a program that can exhibit a website map, you will be able to observe how everything fits mutually as you go along too. Make sure that the sites construction is coherent and that the guest can find the information they need without browsing though unnecessary pages. While allowing for your needs make the site as easy to navigate as possible. Moreover, do not forget to offer a way out of every page without any links reversely to the page from which you have connected the present one. Think of noticeable items that visitors want to find, and then assure you that they can find them effortlessly. In general, empathize with a visitor. You can also look up to the sites that have won web awards and ensure that your site is architectured in that manner.

Article Source: The Visitor And The Web Master

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