Sony Ericsson W580i

Sony Ericsson W580i
Slider in style - The W580i is a sleek, slim, streetstyle slider phone - and a portable music device too. Tempting to touch, designed to impress. * Music recognition - What’s that sound? Just record a few seconds of music and TrackID™ returns the song name, artist and album to your phone within seconds. * Integrated camera - Built-in digital camera with screen viewfinder, dedicated menus and direct interaction with in-phone imaging and messaging features. * Blog your life - The easy way to share your life in pictures. Take or choose a photo, add a little text and publish it for friends and family to enjoy. * Pre-installed games - Unpack, turn on and play. Fun games are embedded in your phone, so there’s always something to amuse you when... this w580i seems to be a mid-path between cheaper and costlier W-for-walkman phones. But, my experience with this phone tells me SE did try to work on looks, sound and battery life...but somehow they missed out on speed quotient (why *everyone* need to leave a deficiency somewhere - maybe to make next model attractive!)...

Anyways, the phone is one good SE product...with the same UI as always, a very good sound (even from speakers), the walkman feature (though this is just a software-only enhancement, still it makes file management and music tracking a breeze) and a slider design (which, though more on a conservative side, still feels like bit classy...carries certain aura which misses from clamshell or brick styled phones).
And final good thing is - its rather stable with a good battery life. You can play on music for 3-4 hrs easily without going nuts bout battery thing. Though official quotes are much higher, but this is what you get on speakers in practical scenario.

Now, something about flaws, coz no one is perfect!...It takes atleast a second (or is it 1.5) to get activated from a dormant position. Though not a big deal but why it shud be so? SE could have added a faster processor. Anywhichway, taking a sec everytime you bring the phone back from inactive state is something you should experience in store before buying. If you dont feel paranoid bout this, well and fine. Another thing is camera. Though 2 mp, it misses the 2 mp class. Again a typical scene of big label cutting some cost here and there. Camera is equal to or worse than 1.3 mp of my earlier samsung d500.

Rest its a good solid phone. I got it for 13500, black one, and its ideal price shud be around 11-12ish.

This was my first review on this unique community on the indian web, called mouthshut. It has helped me make some good purchase decisions. This review is my return gift to it :)
Thanks for going through it.

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