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Marijuana Growing , whether indoors or outdoors is a great way to get the very best quality ganja. It takes a bit of skill to get it right but is easy with a little practice.

Before you even think of growing marijuana you should research the subject. We sell some great, inexpensive books in the shop section (link below) which will provide you with all the information needed to turn those tiny little seeds into mind blowing best quality Ganja. We also have links to some great sites whose sole purpose in life is to get you growing marijuana in the spare bedroom or in the attic. Bless them.

It is quite possible to spend huge sums of money on all the latest growing widgets and gadgets; flickering lights, hydroponics and god knows what else to encourage the little buggers to grow more quickly than bacteria in a hospital waiting room.

However if you, like us, abhor the idea of spending money better spent on Jack Daniels and quality seeds then perhaps a more basic approach is needed.

Marijuana growing - What do we really need?

Number one on the list is a private space that aunty Ethel and the local police know nothing about Ė also donít tell anyone - itís a secret Ė duh. Make sure that people living in the house know Ė itís only fair since if you get busted, they get busted. It should also be lockable or hidden.

Some Seeds! These can be salvaged from that bud you had the other night or better still buy some from us (hey you donít think weíre a charity do you!). A link to our seed section is provided below. Bought seeds are of a known quality and produce much better plants but for your first time growing marijuana you could always use those crummy old seeds in the bottom of that plastic bag.

Lighting. This is a mini science in itself but donít let the science put you off. Basically marijuana plants love light! Commonly available fluorescent lights from your local hardware store will do the job, however specialist lights while more expensive are better.

Here is a link to a UK supplier of indoor growing lights.

Soil and nutrients! Well yes of course. Marijuana plants prefer sandy or loose soils and you can buy these from your local garden centre. Just donít tell them what itís for. Again we recommend you buy a book on indoor Marijuana growing from our book section in the shop. There is a lot of debate about nutrients but using one high in nitrogen at the start of growth and one low in nitrogen when flowering will probably do. The plants will need watered once a day and fed twice a week with nutrients. Check out our links below for some great guides to Marijuana growing on the web.


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