The Power Of Love

don't know how in tune with this truth the Beatles were when they sang All You Need Is Love, but they were more right then they could probably ever have dreamed of.

This isn't some frivolous comment either. There is data and research to back up this statement.

With several studies made about all sorts of human behavior, the effect of love in its assorted guises brought up some surprising revelations.

During the world war, a study was conducted on what was most required by orphaned children to prosper. The astounding discovery that human contact, ie hugging and holding, was more significant than a good quality diet blew the researchers away.

Here are four concrete effects of love.

1. Love induces a condition of cheerfulness and contentment. Apart from the measured chemical changes that happiness brings, good humor helps in the curing of any ailment. The remedial properties of hilarity are the most efficient means of curing cancer. This brought on by a significant loving relationship, is about as potent a therapeutic agent as is recognized to man. Even the effects of medication are improved by a tranquil and loving environment. Apart from all this, love lowers blood pressure and helps avoid depression.

2. Couples that are in love, and I mean actually still in love after years of being together, feel younger. Ageing seems to be slowed down by a loving situation. Couples still have a bounce in their stride when with each other, even though their age in years should let them be a great deal more sedate.

3. Love helps us manage. Life will be life. There will be trials and troubles, disasters and tragedies. Being in a loving and caring situation, is actually a pillar of strength in these times. When there seems merely despondency, love is a reason to carry on, a reason to go onward. It provides the knowledge that matters can improve.

4. Love is a essential element of feeling content. For some reason, people that don't have love, are forever searching and never finding. Their entire existence seems to filled with striving for the following thing. Internal calm and contentment seems to evade them.

Some love facts to consider:

Being happily married to a sympathetic spouse can halve your threat of developing diabetes - University of Washington Research

Men that kiss their wives farewell prior to going to work, are healthier and miss fewer days off work, as well as living 5 years longer - German Researchers

The companionship of a loving partner, lowers a cancer patients risk of dying as much as being ten years younger say scientists.

Holding your partners hand for merely ten minutes, significantly reduces stress levels - North Carolina University

So what have you got to lose. Fall in love, stay in love, its the best thing you can do.

Always keep in mind, the most important person to love, is yourself. A healthy self respect and self love, is essential to being able to share love with another human being. Take care of yourself, then expand that loving feeling around you.

Article Source: The Power Of Love

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