Some Points to be Followed for Our Good Health

Always eat the low calorie items on your plate. Open with salads, veggies, and broth soups, and eat meats and starches last. Along the time you get to them, you'll be full enough to be content with smaller portions of the high-calorie choices. Rather than whole milk, switch to 1 percent. If you drink one 8-oz glass a day, you'll lose 5 lb in a year. There are many calories in juice also, ounce for ounce, as soda. Create a limit of one 8-oz glass of fruit juice a day. Collect calories from foods you chew, not beverages. Eat lots of fresh fruit instead of fruit juice. Be a regular reader of a food journal, it will help a lot. Mayo is good rather than mustard. Drink more soup, the non creamy ones are filling but low-cal. Say no to caloric drinks such as soda, sweet tea, lemonade, etc. If we shift from regular cola to diet cola we can loose our weight in good manner. Carry lunch to work and have it in seating position. Take dilute juice with water. Go for mostly veggies in lunch. Maintain alcohol to weekends only. Experiment veggies to make them delicious, add some maple syrup over carrots, and sprinkle chopped nuts on green beans. We can mix three different cans of beans and some diet Italian dressing. Enjoy this delicious three-bean salad all week. Be faithful with vegetable soups; remember that vegetable soup counts as a vegetable. Try to use daily pre-bagged baby spinach everywhere, as lettuce in sandwiches, heated in soups, wilted in hot pasta, and added to salads. Tax your pocket for few dollars to buy vegetables that are already washed and cut up. Eat plenty of fruits; they are just as healthy especially colorful ones such as oranges, mangoes, and melons. It is not good habit to skip meals. Many healthy eaters agree that diet by day and binge by night. Have pasta like crazy. It is low in fat and notorious too. Do snack on bowls of nuts. They are healthy but dense with calories, always put those bowls away, and use nuts as a garnish instead of a snack. Try a smoothie made with fat-free milk, frozen fruit, and wheat germ. Eat smallest fast-food burger with mustard and ketchup, not mayo and a no-cal beverage. Eat an apple or baby carrots on regular basis. Sandwich made of peanut butter on whole wheat bread with a glass of 1 percent milk and an apple will help greatly. Already cooked chicken strips and micro-waved frozen broccoli topped with Parmesan cheese are good for diet conscious people. Frozen entree with a salad and a glass of 1 percent milk is really healthy to try.

Article Source: Some Points to be Followed for Our Good Health.

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