The Pro's And Cons Of Being In Love Online

Due to unsociable working hours or simply the death of the community, more and more people these days are finding love online. Online dating is the fastest growing way to meet your love, though it has its pitfall. Whilst online dating agencies may offer a quick way to meet these love birds, instant messaging using programs such as ICQ,
MSN, or Odigo offer a lightning speed way of getting very intimate, because you can be just who you want to be when you are chatting online, and none will notice your blush if you say something wrong and most importantly, it allow you to take risk that you would never attempt in
the real world.

The most powerful aspect of this is that we paint our own picture in our minds of what the other person is without all those non-verbal clues such as facial expressions and mannerisms that subconsciously in the real world reveals us valuable informations about the person and we tend to fall in their love. Why do we end up falling in love for people we have not met yet? The answer is simple, we want to be in love, and want to tell ourselves that the searching for our
soul mate is over and with that we picture our lives in a happy sea of couple Dom, sharing our love lives together but it is this haste that ends our single lives that can lead to disappointment as quickly as it started.

Where many people believe to take time to develop a relationship with online loveere are some people believes in taking steps sooner before it is too late because they believe that the impression you have built up of this person if left for long will be so deep rooted that
will rise your expectations and you will be set for disappointment. The other point is how are you going to be able to keep up that persona in real life if you have done a lot more confident chatting than you would be? You may end up competing with yourself finding hard to talk about things in the flesh. It will be a nerve racking
time as the two of you have to re-learn the parameters of the relationship and digest the visual cues that our mannerisms and facial expressions provide.

There is often a huge temptation to revert back to an 'online relationship' after the first meeting with your love, as it gives much more comfort and pleasure. It is suggested that you must get to know the real person from a new offline
perspective and kill off any false impressions you may have had about them online.

Article Source: The Pro's And Cons Of Being In Love Online

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