Bad Breath - The 3 Prong Approach to Deal with Bad Breath

Picture this: A man's at a party and a woman across the room catches his eye. So he moves on over to start up a conversation with her. He introduces himself and as soon as she opens her mouth - he recoils in horror. Why? Bad breath. Her breath is strong enough to kill an elephant. He just has to back away. Most people don't want to deal with a situation like this; they just want to get away from it. But if you have bad breath or know someone who does, then you must deal with it personally or as a friend or relative of the individual who has to struggle with it.

1. Clean Up Your Own Act First

Be honest with yourself. Do you have bad breath? Really, don't try and fool yourself, because you sure won't be able to fool others. If you do have dreadful breath, others will definitely know you do. And think about this: would you want to put up with someone's foul oral odor? Of course not, so don't make other people put up with yours. Do yourself a favor and make sure you have good oral hygiene. If you know you have a
nasty breath problem, then correct it. If you can't, then seek the help you need. You will most definitely be glad you did.

2. Then Help Others

This is what would be known as the "hard part." At least, many would see it as very difficult. Most of the time it just isn't easy to tell someone they have bad breath. No one wants to stroll over and tell someone (especially someone they like) that their breath is causing people to pass out. But you would be doing them a favor; perhaps a big favor. On occasion, bad breath is a symptom of a serious medical condition. They might be very ill and not even know it. If someone's breath smells horrible, you should muster your courage and tell them about it.

3. How to Go About It

You don't have to blurt right out "your breath stinks!" You can gently ease into it by offering the oral offender a breath mint then casually suggesting to him/her that they might want to see a doctor. When they ask why you can say it's due to their bad breath and you're worried about them. Or you can just start talking about oral hygiene in general and tell them that odorous breath could be a sign of poor health and then offer them a breath mint. Most people will take the hint. If all else fails, come out and tell them they have a problem. Remember, you could be saving the life of the person in question.

In all walks of life, most people don't want to deal with bad breath. They just want to get away from it. If you have bad breath or know someone who does then please, don't run away. Find a way to deal with it. You'll be happy you did.

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