Effects of Marijuana

The active ingredient in marijuana is THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) and it affects the nervous system (excellent).

THC acts on the cannabinoid receptors located at various places in our brains, mainly on areas affecting memory, concentration, perception and movement. In smaller doses marijuana makes you feel more relaxed, reduces coordination, alters your sense of time and generally feels very nice indeed. It can also give you the munchies, in my case an insatiable desire to eat microwave pizzas. Personally I think the fast food industry should support the legalisation of marijuana.

Higher doses of marijuana impairs memory and may cause delusions, hallucinations and disorientation. But then again drinking a bottle of whisky makes you fight your neighbours and wet the bed, youíve got to know your limits.

Smoking cannabis has no long term effects on intelligence (1)

In 1992 scientists found a naturally occurring chemical in the brain called anandamide that interacts with our cannabinoid receptors. Scientists are still unsure of the function of this chemical. We at Dr Bongs however are willing to speculate. It makes you feel better, more relaxed, less stressed. Duh, scientists can be so stupid. Anandamide is the brains natural THC.

The effects of marijuana can be almost immediate (three cheers for marijuana) and can last several hours.

There is NO documented case worldwide of a fatal overdose from taking marijuana.

Effects of Marijuana and cancer

No valid study has conclusively linked cancer to smoking marijuana. Many scientists have tried to establish this link but the evidence is weak at best. Letís just say there are lies, damn lies and statistics drug war scientists...

Indeed delta-8 THC, delta-9 THC and Cannabinol are active as anti cancer agents (2). We donít mean to suggest by this that smoking marijuana decreases your risk of cancer, that would be a pretty stupid claim to make, but we mention it because the drug warriors never do, strange that eh?

Of course if you are mixing marijuana with tobacco then you face all the risks associated with tobacco. It is best to avoid tobacco if you possibly can (really ??). Using a bong or vaporizer allows you to avoid tobacco and may be better than smoking marijuana with tobacco. It just so happens that Dr Bongs sells bongs and vaporizers (oh happy coincidence!).

In fact one of the main problems with studies into marijuana and cancer is that most of these studies have not taken into account that some of the people using marijuana also use tobacco. There is nothing more stupid on this planet than a scientist on a drug agency grant. Or corrupt for that matter.


(1) Canadian Medical Association Journal (vol 166, p 887)
(2) Louis S. Harris, Analgesic and Anti-Tumor Potential of The Cannabinoids (Medical College of Virginia, 1972)

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