Nokia 5700

The Nokia 5700 is a sleek device that offers stylish and dependable results in talking and other functions such as multimedia purposes. It comes in mostly black and red colors with a dimension of 50.5 x 108.2 x 17.3 mm that is perfect for its being lightweight and easy to use.

The Nokia 5700 is a mobile phone that puts emphasis on playing music and other multimedia functions. It prides itself with having a dedicated chip for audio functions that helps you adjust the sounds of your track to make it even better. There are three important modes in the Nokia 5700: camera, videophone and the music player that can be used by moving the lower part of the Nokia 5700 handset.

Playing music is the main attraction of Nokia 5700 and users can have the ability to store all of their music on a micro SD memory card that amounts up to 2 Gigabytes of memory space. Users can also listen to their music through the Bluetooth technology headphones or any regular types of headphones that are bundled with a 3.5 type of headphone adapter. The Nokia 5700 works well and is compatible with a lot of music files such as MP3, WMA, eAAC+ and AAX. It also has a MP4 player for video playback.

On the camera aspect of the Nokia 5700, it has a 2.0 megapixel camera with 4x digital zoom and a flash that uses a high speed connectivity powered by UMTS and the other multimedia features of what makes a good operating system of a smart phone, all of these makes the Nokia 5700 a more attractive mobile phone.

Other types of multimedia capabilities of the Nokia 5700 include a voice recorder, FM radio, Flash and Real Player programs. It also runs in a spectacular series 60 platforms that able user to download more applications and programs from the website of Nokia.

When it comes to connectivity, the Nokia 5700 comes well prepared and loaded with the best connection tools. It uses a quadband (1900/1800/900/850 MHz) and a 3G powered WCDMA 2100 MHz) connection system that supports its Bluetooth capability to play music with stereo quality.

The Nokia 5700 has an average talk time of approximately 3 and a half hours with a standby period time of up to 12 days. Its bundled battery lasts 2 and a half day with the user playing music for about an hour per day.

Other specifications of the Nokia 5700 includes a 2.2 screen that process 16M colors and a resolution of 240 x 320 pixels. Memory of Nokia 5700 includes a 128 MB flash memory, 64 MB RAM and a Micro SD card of up to 2 GB.

The Nokia 5700 also provides a vibracall function, voice input and control, video call signal, 64 polyphony tones and polyphonic melodies. Call signal supports WAV, AMR, RNG, AAC, MP3, RMF, WMA, AU, WB-AMR, MIDI and a 3D signal for stereo call.

Nokia 5700 also features SMS functions and has a predictive SMS text input that can also send MMS, fast message and emails.

Over all the Nokia 5700 phone is everything that is advertised, its trendy, sleek and most of all possess a a top of the line quality that can be used for everyday needs of talking and communicating with other people through SMS, voice and even video call. It is an entertaining gadget as well with its camera that can be used for capturing photographs, music and video player, there is nothing more to want when you get your hands on this high quality mobile phone from Nokia and the Nokia 5700 may be the phone you need.

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