Nokia E90

The Communicator Series of the Nokia phones is very popular, especially with the ever busy business people. One of the latest releases in the Nokia Communicator Series is the Nokia E90 phone, and was announced last February 2007, in the annual 3GSM show in popular Barcelona.
The very first unit of the Nokia E90 phone which was sold was in Jakarta, Indonesia, in an auction, on the 17th of May of the same year.

The winning bidding price was decided to be Rupiah 45,000,000, or roughly an astounding $5000! This is not a big surprise, as Indonesia is largely known as part of the most competitive when it comes to the market for Nokia’s super cool Communicator Phones Series. This is the number one reason why the Nokia Company decided to release the first Nokia E90 phone unit to be launched in Jakarta Indonesia.

The Nokia E90 phone is the first unit for the fifth generation of the Nokia Communicator Series phone. GPS and UMTS (or Universal Mobile Telecommunications System) is integrated into the Nokia E90 phone, a great thing for a phone to have.

The Nokia Communicator Series phone was launched in 1997, and it is very hard to believe that now it has reached such a great place in the ever competitive mobile phones industry.
Always waiting for a couple and years has been the usual trend for the fans and followers of the Nokia Communicator Series phones, and although they are very happy with new releases that do happen every now and then, disappointment never disappears when a new model is launched. This is due to the fact that there are a few very important features that newly released phone models for the Nokia Communicator series that have been missed by the developers while they were making the phone. But time, they hit point blank in satisfying their unsatisfied crowd of fans!

They say that dreams are hard to achieve, but Nokia made it happen when their newest Communicator Series phone, the Nokia E90 phone, was launched. Everything that an avid follower has ever dreamt of has been integrated with this phone. Imagine having a super sleek and not so bank damaging phone, like the Nokia E90 phone, running on a computer based operating system, the Symbian OS, as its operating system! Most high end and more expensive mobile gadgets use this operating system in order to perform, but no more says the Nokia E90 phone! Such a fast operating system on a small and not so expensive gadget is something truly groundbreaking… And they said that the PocketPC Phone Edition is the future!

Nokia is surely not a company to merely watch its hard earned position in the mobile industry deteriorates. No, sir! The new Nokia E90 phone is not only as good, it’s deemed even better!
Thos who said that people who want to succeed should switch to high end and more exclusive phones should re-evaluate their statements, as the Nokia E90 phone is here to prove them wrong!

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