Tests performed on vaporizers

Vaporizers are used by people who want to enjoy the flavor of mild puffs of smoke. These days many companies manufacture vaporizers. Various tests for different features of vaporizers can be performed for selection of the best vaporizers. These tests can be performed on features like flavor, efficiency, vapor to smoke ratio, session ability test, style test, portability test, versatility test, value test, satisfaction test etc.

The test for flavor means testing the flavor score. Flavor score tells that how efficiently a vaporizer is able to deliver the taste of the herb which is being burnt in it. Higher the value of flavor score means better is quality of vaporizer. Some vaporizers are not able to deliver same flavor and fragrance of herb as is done through smoking. Those kinds of vaporizers are less enjoyable for people who are in habit of smoking from a long period of time. Thus these vaporizers annoy long term smokers. Vaporizers should have efficiency of transferring fragrance of herb without the smell of burning of it. A vaporizer can be categorized as a good one only if smell of combustion does not provide a hindrance in enjoyment of vapors of herb.

Second test to be performed on vaporizer is efficiency test. Efficiency test means testing the quality of vaporizer in regards to wastage of herb. A vaporizer which wastes more herbs rather than producing a good aroma is not a good vaporizer. Efficiency test is difficult to conduct as some vaporizers collect vapors in chamber rather than wasting herb. Basically efficiency test tells how good a vaporizer is in extracting the required elements of herb without its wastage. Vapor efficiency rating is reduced if vapors escape from openings in chamber. This problem arises at high temperatures when lots of vapors are produced. In case of lower temperatures this is avoided.

Third consideration is wait time. Wait time means time taken by vaporizer to initiate burning of herb till the time in which whole of herb is burnt. Some vaporizers take ten to twenty minutes in this process while others can do in one to two minutes. The best vaporizer is in which temperature can be set using digital controls. By use of digital controls variations of temperature can be increase or decrease of two degrees every time. Due this ability of controlling the temperature the vaporizer gains its popularity.

The session ability test tells how well can a device be utilized by a group. The session ability test means the capability of a vaporizer to be used by number of people without refilling it again and again at short intervals. Refilling the unit after just one or two hits is very unpleasing. Thus a vaporizer should have good session ability.

Article Source: Tests performed on vaporizers

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